Climb&Sail in Sardinia

This is a log book, a journal, maybe a summary of one of our most beloved trips, climb & sail, in Sardinia. A unique experience and one of the best ways to experience a week on Italy’s western island, with a combination of land and sea, water, sand and limestone, to moments you won’t forget. This collection was carefully curated by one of the members of the crew.


Day 1 (May 7, 2022) | Meeting in Canniggione and Arrival at Porto di La Caletta

The group arriving in Sardinia by ferry (Mavi, Daniele and Luca) lands in Porto Torres and heads to Cannigione.

There, the group joins up with Maria, unloads the luggage at the quayside and stocks up on provisions for the week.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lorenzo arrive in Cannigione as well. 

We embark, load supplies and depart at 15:00 with a toast to celebrate the start of the adventure.  

The navigation proceeds both by sailing and with the motor heading towards Porto di La Caletta. Long waves, rain and wind are the forecasts for the night.

The first to feel seasick is Lorenzo B. He is followed by Maria and Luca.

During the navigation, we pass Tavolara Island and finally hoist the jib for sailing. We reach Porto di La Caletta and around 9:30 p.m Luca performs his first English-style mooring with the 46-footer with the help of all the crew.

We eat tuna pasta, salad, and tomatoes, and then we go on a dumpster mission to dispose of waste.

We had the first myrtle in the cockpit, then off to bed. 

Day 2 (May 8, 2022) | Climbing in Grottoni di Biddiriscottai

Andrea gets up at 5.30 a.m. for an early departure with destination Grottoni di Biddiriscottai.

The sea and the weather are still slightly unstable, but we manage to arrive still in the morning. We land on a tender rocky coast.

We start climbing, the rock is “greasy” from saltpetre.

We meet a 63-year-old guide from Austria free soloing and a couple from Argentina.

At the end of the day, we walk back to the port of Cala Gonone where Andrea meets us with the boat. We moor on the quay at the petrol station.

Luca and Paul go for the first swim at the nearby beach. "Very cold water", they comment.

We went for dinner in the village to the “Snoopy” restaurant: grilled fish and fried delicacies.

Once back on the boat, we go to sleep.

Day 3 (May 9, 2022) | Climbing in Cala Fuili and Bonfire on the Beach

Andrea and Luca go in search of croissants/bread for breakfast but there is no baker in the village, so they buy bread and water crates at the supermarket.

On their return to the boat, we fill up with fuel and water and we depart for Cala Fuili, a real canyon.

Peaceful landing on a beautiful sandy beach with a pebble design of the Tao symbol.

We approach the inland (15 min walk) and start climbing. 

Andrea joins us in the afternoon and makes his first climb!

Some of us go down to the beach for a swim, others stay at the crags and continue climbing.  

We share the “gourmet” rice salad we cooked the night before and agree with Guido and Romina, the Argentinians from the day before, to grill dinner at the beach. We eat and lit and sit around a bonfire. 

Once back on the boat, the photo/video pros of the crew prepare to film at dawn.

Day 4 (May 10, 2022) | Climbing and Trekking at Cala Luna

After breakfast, we leave Cala Fuili with the destination Cala Luna.

Once arrived, some of us set off on foot for coastal trekking (2h), and the others go sailing.

In the afternoon we go climbing and do our first multi-pitch of the week. 

Later in the day, we go to the beach to rest for the next day's multi-pitch. Andrea asks Luca for his climbing shoes to practice a bit.  

We get some beers and chill with the Argentinians from the bonfire day. Lorenzo invites them to the Dolomites. We say goodbye to them, we won't see them again…

Back on the boat, we have pasta with pancetta and after that, we have some night navigation towards Pedra Longa.

Day 5 (May 11, 2022) | Multi-Pitches at Pedra Longa

We wake up in Petra Longa and depart for the 90-metre multi-pitch "Signorina Fantasia".

Always guided by Lorenzo, Daniele and Luca start the beautiful climb over the sea. Lorenzo meets on the way his guide friends.

Paul and Lorenzo B. follow by starting on another point (“Cromosomi Corsari”).

Finally, Maria and Maria Vittoria close. 

We have a swim and chitchat with the Argentinians on the beach before heading back to the boat. 

Once we are done with the dinner, we start night navigation to Cala Goloritzè. Andrea teaches us the fundamentals of astronomical navigation. 

The crew goes under the blankets, sore legs for many of us.

Day 6 (May 12, 2022) | Heroic ascent of the Goloritzè Spire

Dawn awakening at Cala Goloritzè. We take some drone photos at the location and then set off for climbing the Goloritzè spire.

The first ones to climb with Lorenzo are Paul and Lorenzo B., who do the 140-metre “Sole Incantatore”. 

Next, Maria Vittoria and Daniele do the "Easy Gymnopiede"

The third rope (Luca and Maria) does not start. They rather do the first quickdraws of "Sole Incantatore" with Andrea. 

"Priceless view", say those of us who manage to climb the spire. 

"We need to come back" say those staying down. 

At the end of the day, we enjoy a good plate of "pasta alla carbonara" and proceed with some night sailing towards the next destination. 

Day 7 (May 13, 2022) | Visit to Tavolara Island and Return to Cannigione

After a nice frittata for breakfast, we head for Tavolara island.

We stop near La Maddalena island for some bathing.

Lunch on the boat with some "pasta al pesto" and salad with tuna and corn. 

On our way back to Cannigione we try to sail, but the attempt fails due to lack of wind. 

We arrive in Cannigione at 18:30, we refuel the boat and sign each other climbing shoes and helmets.

Last dinner at the restaurant in Cannigione "Tavola Blu" with final greetings, tears and gift-giving.

We return to the boat with a bottle of myrtle.  

Day 8 (May 14, 2022) | Return day

Lorenzo, Lorenzo B. and Andrea leave at 6:30, those remaining go to Porto Pollo for a last swim while waiting for the return plane and ferry.