fjello and the Verona Climbing Festival: A Perfect Ascent Together

fjello is sponsor and technological partner of the Verona Climbing Festival (Sept 15-16-17). fjello FIND is the official app of the festival to discover all the events and connect with climbers.


The city of Verona and its nearby valley (Val d'Adige) this September it’s turning a new page and embracing the thrill of the climb. The Verona Climbing Festival (VCF) is back with its second edition from Sept. 15-17, and it's shaping up to be an event that climbing enthusiasts and novices alike won't want to miss.

fjello's Partnership

Stepping up as both a sponsor and technological partner for the festival is fjello. This collaboration proves their dedication to the world of outdoor sports and events, and it’s a partnership that promises to elevate the experience for everyone involved. 

The pinnacle of this partnership? The fjello FIND app. As the official app of the Verona Climbing Festival, it's your one-stop solution to discover every event detail, get real-time updates, and most excitingly, connect with fellow climbers. Whether you're looking for information on climbing routes or simply want to chat with someone who shares your passion for the sport, fjello FIND has you covered.

fjello's Talk

Another exciting highlight of the festival is a talk presented by fjello, titled "From Silica to Rock: How technology can improve our vertical adventures (Dalla Silice alla Roccia: Come la tecnologia può migliorare le nostre avventure verticali)." 

This session promises to delve deep into the technological advancements that have revolutionized the climbing world. From the golden era of climbing to the present day, the talk will journey through time, spotlighting innovations that have made climbing safer, more accessible, and even more thrilling. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an avid climber, or someone who stands at the crossroads of both worlds, this talk will offer insights and perspectives that will inspire and enlighten. fjello's commitment to enhancing the climbing experience through technology will be on full display, underlining their pivotal role as both a sponsor and a thought leader at the Verona Climbing Festival. Don't miss it!

It's happening on September 15th at 19.30, Cà Bottona. Check out the event here.


What to Expect at #VCF

This isn’t just another event on the calendar; it's the first climbing festival in Verona! The Verona Climbing Festival promises not just sport climbing and bouldering – which are of course at the heart of the event – but a holistic outdoor experience. Attendees can look forward to excursions, intimate meetings, and spirited festive moments that will linger in their memories.

The festival’s ethos is clear: to share experiences related to the world of climbing and outdoor activities with everyone who has a heart for nature. It’s a gathering place, an exchange hub, and a celebration of shared passions. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned climber, an enthusiastic beginner, or someone just curious about the sport; #VCF welcomes everyone. The festival aims not only to celebrate the sport but also to introduce its potential to those wishing for a first taste of rock activities and beyond.

Join the Climb

The Verona Climbing Festival is not just about ascending rock faces; it's about ascending to new heights of camaraderie, knowledge, and passion. As the city of Verona opens its arms to climbers and nature enthusiasts from all walks of life, it's an invitation to be a part of something unique, something memorable. With fjello by its side, #VCF promises to be an experience that will set new benchmarks for climbing festivals.

So, mark your calendars, download the fjello FIND app, and prepare to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Verona awaits your climb!

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