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fjello is a start-up company with the mission to connect and inspire outdoor enthusiasts.

To achieve this we developed intelligent and user-friendly digital platforms that enable to search for partners, professionals and activities.

fjello app is one platform of the fjello project, its main goal is to connect climbing partners around the globe alongside offering climbing events and professional experiences.

These are the links for the download:

We track your location through Google APIs. Here is a link from the privacy policy that can explain better how it works.

Here you can find our privacy policy.

Creating a profile is mandatory for using the app, it is the first step to go through once downloading and opening it. 

Yes, we do have a comparative table. You can check this resource.

These are types of free climbing in rock climbing, they refer to the main climbing sort:

  • Boulder is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without the use of ropes or harnesses.

  • In Sport the lead climber clips into pre-drilled permanent bolts for their protection while ascending the route.

  • In Trad (abbreviation for traditional) the lead climber places the protection equipment while ascending the climbing route

The event feature works as a feed page, it shows the upcoming event within your location, it sorts the events from the nearest to the furtherest to you. 

You can also search events in specific locations of interest, by selecting the place in the search bar and pressing the check button. Events will be then sorted from the nearest to the furtherest to the selected place. 

Pro events are the events organised by fjello, i.e. our trips. These events are planned with our certified top instructors and are meant to bring the full professional experience with trips that are more unique and contain some more technical knowledge. 

You can find them here.

At the end of any event page, down below, there is a “request to join” button. When clicking it you can also send a message to the organizer, asking question regarding the event or just let them know you are interested.

Of course, whether if it is a fellow climber or a climbing instructor, the option to connect and ask questions about any event is always open. You simply click on "Request to join" and a direct chat with the organizer is presented.

At the app’s menu bar, the middle button (a plus), is where you can add and create a new event. The function is simple, it has few minimal requirements, but you can state as many details as you wish, creating a small spontaneous event or a big planned trip.

People that are interested in joining the event, have the possibility to connect with the organizer via chat.

On fjello’s app bottom menu, the second button from the left is our partner search feature, clicking on it open the list of the closest climbing fellows to your location. One of them might be the climbing partner you always dreamed of.

We try to make the partner search as intuitive as possible. When clicking on the feature, the page will show the partners that are closest to your location. You can also check for different locations by using the search bar at the top of the page and then clicking on the check button. In both cases results are presented from the nearest to the furthest from the location.

We are currently also working on specific filters to make the search fitting varied preferences, from skill set, weight or even equipment required, the perfect partner is few clicks away.

Do you still have questions?

Sen us an email at info@fjello.io or a text message to +39 3492997903, we'll answer within 48 hours.


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