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Mont Blanc - Rock&Ice

Combine rock climbing and high-altitude mountaineering in Mont Blanc massif



Embarking on a climbing expedition in the Mont Blanc massif is a remarkable adventure that seamlessly blends the exhilaration of rock climbing with the awe-inspiring challenges of high-altitude mountaineering. As climbers venture into this majestic mountain range, they are greeted by the magnificent beauty of Mont Blanc's superb granite walls, offering an array of diverse and enticing routes. Scaling these vertical rock faces demands a blend of technical skill, strength, and mental fortitude, as climbers navigate intricate cracks and delicate holds. With each move, they are rewarded with breathtaking vistas and a deep sense of accomplishment. As the climbers ascend further into the massif, the landscape transforms into a realm of ice and snow, where a true glacier experience awaits. Negotiating the seracs, crevasses, and icy slopes demands a different set of skills, including roped travel, route-finding, and glacier navigation. The climbers find themselves amidst a surreal and ever-changing icy wonderland, where the profound serenity of the high altitude and the magnificence of the surrounding peaks leave an indelible mark on their souls. The combination of challenging granite rock climbing and the ethereal beauty of glacier travel in the Mont Blanc massif creates an unforgettable climbing experience that tests the limits of both body and spirit, while forging lasting memories of adventure and awe.


Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Mont Blanc, an enchanting mountain that will leave you breathless. Soaring high at an astonishing 4,807.81 meters (15,774 feet) above sea level, Mont Blanc reigns as the crowned jewel of the Alps and Western Europe. As you ascend its majestic slopes, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where heaven meets earth, surrounded by the stunning Mont Blanc massif, which spans across France, Italy, and Switzerland. Standing on the border of these magnificent countries, Mont Blanc's summit forms a natural boundary, embraced by the valleys of Ferret and Veny in Italy, and the valleys of Montjoie and Arve in France. Unveiling an extraordinary blend of culture and captivating landscapes, Mont Blanc has long been a symbol of both harmony and contention, as ownership of its summit area remains a subject of enduring debate between France and Italy. Prepare to embark on a journey that transcends borders and elevates your spirit, as you explore the splendor of Mont Blanc.

High altitude

High altitude

High altitude scenery is some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring in the world. At these elevations, the air is thinner, the skies are clearer, and the landscape is often starkly beautiful. High altitude scenery can include snow-capped peaks, glaciers, alpine meadows, and rugged rock formations. The colors of the landscape can vary from stark whites and grays to vibrant blues and greens, depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The views from high altitude are often expansive, allowing for stunning panoramic vistas that stretch for miles in every direction.

Rock climbing in Mont Blanc

Rock climbing in Mont Blanc

Climbing on Mont Blanc's granite walls is an exceptional experience, unique in its kind. The splendour of the glacier deep below, the breathtaking panorama and the sharp reflection of the light reflecting off the snow cleans the mind while the fresh, thin air clears the spirit and the altitude inexorably tires the body.




Lorenzo is a certified IFMGA mountain guide, based at the Dolomites with tons of experience in mountaineering and adventurous trips in Europe and around the world. He has tons of experience in high-altitude mountaineering, especially in the Alps.



The itinerary that we propose can be subject to modifications based on the skills and preferences of participants. In this expedition, a maximum of two clients per guide can join.




Day 1

Multi-pitch route - Mont Blanc Satellites

We will choose one route at the famous Satellites. Here you can enjoy one of the best granite in Europe. Immense corners and cracks, thin fissures and micro-edges – all those who have climbed on this incredible rock have immediately become addicted. All other climbs suddenly become mere training routes for the next trip back to the most beautiful granite in Europe!


Day 2

Aiguille d'Entrèves or Marbrées ridge traverse

We will choose one of these two ridge traverses. They offer a fun route on exposed rock, never extreme but always interesting. The views of the Tour Ronde, the south side of Mont Blanc du Tacul and the Brenva face on Mont Blanc are exceptional.


Dent du Géant

We will climb the famous Dent du Géant. We'll probably choose the normal route. 

Dent du Géant or Dente del Gigante in italian - meaning Giant's Tooth - is a 4000s located in the Northern part of the massif of Mont Blanc, near the border between Italy and France, but entirely in French territory. It is situated between Colle del Gigante 3.359 m and the Grandes Jorasses 4.206 m, on the ridge running from the summit of Mont Blanc to Mont Dolent. Dent du Géant rises like a huge canine from the "Gengiva" - meaning Gum - a socket of snow and rock culminating with a white snow cap overlooking the Glacier du Geant. The profile of this superb rocky spire is very famous and it is one of the Mont Blanc Group icons.


Summit a 4000 peak

We'll choose a 4000 peak based on preferences and level of fitness.

What's Included

What's Included

Certified IFMGA mountain guide every 2 clients

Technical climbing gear

4 days of climbing

Accommodation to mountain hut/tent


Restaurants and bars

Anything not detailed in the "What's included" section


Trip Entry


Mont Blanc, France/Italy

Welcome to the highest peak in western Europe

Standing at the summit of Mont Blanc is an experience that blends raw emotions, immense suffering, and unparalleled rewards. As mountaineers push themselves to their physical and mental limits, the high altitude tests their resilience in every step. The thin air grasps at their breath, and the biting cold gnaws at their exposed skin. Yet, amidst the struggle, a sense of awe and triumph wells up within. The panoramic view from the summit, with its vast expanse of jagged peaks and sweeping valleys, unveils a world that few have witnessed. It is a moment of triumph over adversity, a culmination of months of preparation and determination. The summit of Mont Blanc becomes a sacred place, where exhaustion and pain give way to elation and awe. It is a testament to the human spirit's ability to endure and conquer, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to reach for the sky.

Mont Blanc, France/Italy

Trip Tips

High-altitude mountaineering an rock climbing level

High-altitude mountaineering an rock climbing level

Due to the nature of this expedition previous high-altitude mountaineering and rock climbing experience is required, and it is essential that you are confident with using mountaineering equipment. A very good level of fitness is also required. You'll be accompanied by a certified IFMGA mountain but it is important that you know basic rescue skills.



Fjello selects local partners with the utmost care. For any inaccuracies, however, we can not accept any liability. Ski touring is a risky sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Fjello recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills not go outdoor alone. All our trips include a local certified guide who will take care of your group. Enjoy your adventures safely with first-hand information from the locals.



Please DO NOT book your flights until this trip is confirmed. Most of our trips require a minimum number of participants to run. Wait for the status of the trip to be confirmed and for more information go to the "How it works" section

You'll Be Staying Here

Torino Hut & tent

Torino Hut & tent

We'll spend part of the nights in Torino hut and part in our tent. 

The Torino Hut (Italian: Rifugio Torino; French: Refuge Turin) is a high mountain refuge in the Alps in northwestern Italy. Located near the border with France, it is about 15 km (10 mi) southwest of Mont Dolent, the tripoint with Switzerland. The refuge is in the Mont Blanc massif above the town of Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley, Italy.

Mont Blanc - Rock&Ice

Italy· July 13 - 16 2024· 3 nights