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Connecting climbing fellows

fjello is here to make finding a climbing partner quick and easy.

We love and trust our belayers, but they are not always there with us wherever or whenever we go on the wall. While travelling around or moving to a new location, finding someone to climb with could be a challenge. Therefore, we create an app to simply connect climbers together and leave more time for climbing and less for searching.

Where to find your next climb

Our mission is to create a platform where every climber can find the perfect partner at the nearby crag or for a future trip, using easy and professional search filters for a safe, fun and well-connected day on the wall.

Find a climbing partner

Connect with climbers based on your location, availability, type of climbing and grading level.

We wish to build a community and create the opportunity to climb with people you can trust and enjoy.

Use the intuitive search and custom filters to find the best partner and get ready to climb.

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Join or create a climbing event

Join an event or create your own, with fjello you can connect with instructors and friends to share unique experiences.

Fjello is organizing events in some of the most beautiful climbing areas in the world, including multi days’ trips with our certified instructors for an experience you will not forget.

You can as well create events yourself, invite friends and community fellows to climb together in a chill evening on the wall or multiple days trip plan. Wherever you go, you got a fjello.

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Set your profile

Here is your zone, where you can set your preferred type of climbing, grading level and climbing knowledge, write about yourself and your experiences and upload photos of your trips.

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Become a Beta-tester!

We are looking for beta-testers to active help us improve. The interview conducted will be recorded and will take about 45 minutes. In the interview, you will be asked about the functions of the app and your needs as a climber using the app. 

We are looking for proactive climbers who are willing to take a part of our progress and will be for that rewarded. 

In case you are interested, please book a slot by clicking the button below.

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