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Dolomitic Trad Climbing Week

A whole week climbing unforgettable historical trad climbing routes.



The Dolomites are the largest and most spectacular limestone climbing area in the European Alps with towers rising steeply up to 1,600 meters (5,250 ft) above gentle alpine meadows. There is an abundance of moderate, classic rock climbing routes, mostly involving fairly short approach hikes from the road or following an overnight in one of the full-service huts or mountain lodges. The culture and food in the Dolomites are a mixture of Italian and Tyrolean, the wine is always good, and the locals are very welcoming. The length of the climbs relative to their approach time means that the Dolomites offer some of the best value you can get worldwide. Some climbs are very popular and others see less than one ascent per year. Our base camp will be the Walden Climbing House, a b&b run by our mountain guide from which there are breathtaking views of Mt. Civetta.


The Dolomites

The Dolomites

The Dolomites, also known as the "Pale Mountains", are one of the most spectacular mountain range in the world. They take their name from the carbonate rock dolomite. This was named after the 18th-century French mineralogist Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu (1750–1801), who was the first to describe the mineral. They are located in northeastern Italy and in In August 2009, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climbing history in the Dolomites

Climbing history in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are full of climbing history. Historiographers usually attribute the leadership of “inaugurating the Dolomite era” to Vienna outdoorsman Paul Grohmann (1838-1908) because of his feats and, particularly, his writings. In 1875 Grohmann significantly contributed to bringing the Dolomites to fame by publishing a detailed color map – the first of its kind – entitled “Karte der Dolomiten-Alpen”. Two years later he collected the most important aspects of his numerous ascents in the book “Wanderungen in den Dolomiten” .




Lorenzo is a certified IFMGA mountain guide, based at the Dolomites with tons of experience in mountaineering and adventurous trips in Europe and around the world.



Given the abundance of climbs in the Dolomites, we can adjust the itinerary during our climbing week to the preferred challenge level of our clients and the weather. The climbing program is decided on a daily basis based on technique and experience. We are going to leave (early) in the morning (depending on weather conditions) and come back in the afternoon. Lunch will be a snack while climbing. We are going to have a great dinner at Walden Climbing House or at some restaurants depending on your preference.




Day 1

Arrive in Rocca Pietore

Arrival at Walden Climbing House and have a brief on the Dolomites, the style of climbing, mountains around, and climbing routes.


Days 2-6

Climbing days

Every day we will climb a route based on the grade, technique, alpinism knowledge and overall experience.


Day 7

Last one!

Last climbing day and return home!

What's Included

What's Included

Certified Mountain Guide for the entire duration of the trip

6 days of climbing

Climbing safety equipment



Restaurants and bars

Anything not detailed in the "What's included" section


Trip entry

Dolomites, Italy

The angel of the Dolomites

"On the mountains we feel the joy of life, the emotion of being good and the relief of forgetting earthly things: all this because we are closer to the sky". E. Comici

E. Comici made numerous ascents in the Eastern Alps, particularly in the Dolomites (where he made over 200 first ascents during his career) and in the Julian Alps.

Comici was nicknamed the "Angel of the Dolomites".

During the week we can repeat some of his most famous routes and discover his epic deeds. 

Dolomites, Italy

Trip Tips

Climbing Skills

Climbing Skills

There is no minimum level required for this trip as you will be accompanied at all times by a certified guide. However, due to the nature of Sardinia's crags, you will get the most out of the trip if you already have a little climbing experience and good level of fitness! On average there are from 8 to 15 metres of powder snow. The mountains are not high, between 1200 and 2200 m, but you ski from altitudes as low as 300-400 m, often a short distance from the sea! Welcome to the ski capital of Japan! At the end of the day, for those who wish, the legendary onsen and hot spring water pools in the best Japanese tradition are available on-site :)



Fjello selects local partners with the utmost care. For any inaccuracies, however, we can not accept any liability. Rock climbing is a risky sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Fjello recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills not go outdoor alone. All our trips include a local certified guide who will take care of your group. Enjoy your adventures safely with first-hand information from the locals.



Please DO NOT book your flights until this trip is confirmed. Most of our trips require a minimum number of participants to run. Wait for the status of the trip to be confirmed and for more information go to the "How it works" section

You'll Be Staying Here

Walden Climbing House

Walden Climbing House

Our base camp will be the Walden Climbing House, a b&b run by our mountain guide from which there are breathtaking views of Mt. Civetta.

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The Angel of the Dolomites



You should bring:

  • climbing shoes
  • helmet
  • harness
  • chalk bag
  • tuber belay

All the other equipment will be provided by the guide.

You can have dinner directly at the Walden Climbing house or at some restaurants nearby.

You can check this website regarding the weather conditions during the period.


July 15 - 20 2024


July 27 - August 2 2024


August 11 - 17 2024


September 8 - 14 2024


Dolomitic Trad Climbing Week

Italy· July - September· 6 nights